Have an unruly submissive or slave? Use the button below to be given a punishment for your sub/slave. Don't like that particular punishment? Not a problem. Just hit the button again!

Over the knee spanking with your bare hand – 20 lashes. Sub must count out each strike and ask for another.

Over the knee spanking with a thuddy implement (paddle, wooden hairbrush, etc) – 20 lashes. Sub must count out each strike and ask for another.

Over the knee spanking with a stingy implement (cane, thin crop, switch, etc) – 20 lashes.

Sub must count out each strike and ask for another.

Sub must kneel on uncooked rice for 3 minutes with their hands placed behind their head. Then they must clean up the rice.

Sub must perform household cleaning with a butt plug in place. If it falls out, choose another punishment each time.

Female sub must run an errand in public wearing no underwear with ben wa balls in place.

Write a very detailed description of a fantasy of theirs, including those involved without using names, setting, process, etc. from beginning to end. Once that task is complete have them post it online for all to read (in a NSFW-friendly way).

Caning the soles of their feet – 5 firm yet gentle lashes.

Place clothespins on their nipples for 15 minutes.

Place clothespins on their pussy lips, scrotum, etc. for 10 minutes.

Strike their genitals with a riding crop or flogger – 5 good lashes.

Stand in the corner but holding a coin against one of the walls with their nose. If it falls, select another punishment.

Forced cold shower.

Chain them to a Swiffer or broom by a collar and a chain that’s just too short to stand comfortably while swiffering. Have them clean the kitchen to your satisfaction while they’re chained up.

Unless this is a hard limit, urinate on them while they are in a kneeling position. Then have them clean up.

They must act as an object such as a foot stool, coffee table, etc.

Bathroom use control for 24 hours.

Eat from a pet dish. If this actually arouses them normally, make them eat at the table from a plate.

Make them go to the grocery store and buy the largest cucumber they can find and a bottle of lube.

Orgasm denial for 24 hours.

Make them serve your friends when they come over and prohibit them from making eye contact. If they were extra bad, make them do this wearing a very short skirt with no underwear.

Sensory deprivation. For example, have them wear headphones and a blindfold.

Write their infraction on their body in marker, take pictures and post on the internet for all to see.

Sub will pose for a photo shoot in any ways the master wants.

Write dirty things on their body, such as “Dirty Slut,” “Cum Dumpster,” or “Cock Whore,” and make them run an errand wearing a long coat with nothing underneath. They will not be visibly nude but they will know what people would see if the coat were to come off.

Telling your sub/slave that they have disappointed you.

Schedule an appointment for them to have a Brazilian wax done. The sting will remind them of their disobedience.

If applicable, they must paint your finger and toe nails.

Order them to bring themselves to the edge of orgasm and stay there until you give them permission. When you give the command, they must cum within 30 seconds or they will be punished or not allowed to cum at all that day.

Ride them around as if they were a pony.

Rub their face in your pussy but gag them so that they cannot lick you.

Send them to work wearing a piece of very sexy lingerie under their clothing, this makes a constant, discreet reminder of his or her position.

Tie them in a chair with their knees pulled up to their shoulders – good for spanking and everything is exposed and vulnerable.

Tie their hands behind their back and have them kneel with knees spread naked in front of you while you read or watch TV, occasionally nudging their genitals with your shoes.

When they want to eat, make them cum in their own food before they can eat their meal.

Have them take a shower in any way they like to, but when they are finished make them rinse their entire body in cold water for 2 minutes.

Make them shave their pubic hair while you watch.

Get a pair of chopsticks, put the sticks above and below the nipples and rubber-band them together at the ends.

Insert a small-to-medium size ice cube into their pussy or anus but only for a few seconds at a time. Prolonged ice exposure could cause damage. You could also soak a glass dildo in cold water and use that on their holes.

Make them stand in the corner like a child.

Cum on their face and make them perform household chores while the cum dries on their face. They cannot wash it off until you give them permission.

The next time an unaware family member calls, make them masturbate and cum without moaning or in any way tipping off their relative.

If male, make them dress in women’s undergarments for the entire day.

Pick up twenty thumbtacks using only their breasts or ass, then spread rubbing alcohol on their breasts or ass.

If there is more than one slave/submissive in the house, the punished one must help prepare the other subs/slaves for your use and also harden your cock/prepare your pussy.

They must use their tongue as a towel upon your body after you have finished taking a shower. In this way, they will worship your body.

Take them out in public for the day. During this time, they must whisper in your ear the things they want. Example: At a restaurant they must whisper to you their order. They cannot speak for themselves.

If you are female, make the punished sub/slave shave your legs.

You chose what their sexual orientation is for the weekend.

They must take a rubber ruler, bend it, and release it so it slaps their genitals 10 times. They’re not good enough for you to spank them.

Record their masturbation/sex noises and set it as their ringtone.

If you think your male sub/slave has earned your permission to cum, let him cum on your feet, shoes, asshole, wherever. Then make him lick it up.

If consensual company is visiting, make them masturbate, but not orgasm, in the middle of the room for all to see.

Put their panties in side their pussy, make them masturbate and orgasm. When they\’re finished, make them put those same panties in their mouth for 30 minutes.

If they are female, make them wear a very short skirt, no panties, a butt plug with extra lube and instruct them to walk around the block.

Tie them to a bed and use a Hitachi Magic Wand on them, for forced orgasms. If they get too loud, gag them.

Use a Wartenberg Pinwheel on their very sensitive parts: nipples, pussy, asshole, the head of their dick. This will be a very intense sensation and border on being painful – Especially if their parts are turned on and engorged.

Tight, restrictive bondage, but be sure to check for circulation/bad pain problems frequently!

Make them write you a letter stating what they did wrong, how it made you feel, and how they will fix it next time.

Make them write an apologetic sentence 50 or more times, Bart Simpson style.

Demand that they perform some sexual activity that they do not particularly like. This does NOT mean force them to violate their hard limits.

Forced naked exercise, such as yoga, pilates, jumping jacks, etc.

Give them healthy foods to eat that they do not particularly enjoy.

Put them in a chastity belt or cock cage for a set amount of time.

If you are a male, cum in their underwear or panties, make them put them back on and continue with their day.

Make them wear nipple clamps and guild them through the house behind you, pulling them by the chain of the clamps. Pulling on Clover Clamps will tighten the pinch.

Remove their right to use furniture. They must kneel on the floor next to you, sleep on the floor at night, etc.

If they do not like the idea of collars, make them wear a collar for three days whenever they are in the house.


Comments? Suggestions? Let me know! (just don’t be a dick).

Credit for some of the punishments goes to the awesome Reddit community /r/BDSMCommunity.

Disclaimer: Before you carry out any of these punishments, make sure you’re not breaking any laws where you live. This generator is solely for informational purposes by mature, responsible adults, and I am not responsible or liable for any trouble you get yourself into with this information. Remember that each person’s pain/humiliation tolerance is unique, so use your best judgement. Also, never lose sight of your sub’s/slave’s safety! Always play safe, sane, and consensual!